New Discovery Hoax

Ok, so the new discovery was my sister-in-law, Brianne. Really, I knew all along it wasn’t a new species, so please forgive me for the grief I have caused in the scientific community. I would take down the picture, but honestly, you’ve seen the site…I need the content. It’s Friday, so work is boring (not because it’s Friday, I just threw that in for good measure.) Well, at least I have this blog to kill some time with. It would be much cooler if people actually read the thing… well, maybe not. If people actually read my blog I would feel obligated to write something profound, or at least interesting. So I suppose it’s good that no one reads it, so I can write whatever junk I please and just be happy that I have a semi-cool looking site with no content or audience. ..

Posted by ryan on July 30, 2004