iTunes + iPod = Happy Fun Time

iTunes 4.9 came out today and has podcasting support which is really cool. Some people are saying it’s disappointing because some of podcasts are a few shows behind in the directory. This is not a problem, you don’t have to use the directory. The advanced menu has an option “Subscribe to Podcast…” where you can manually enter a url for your favorite podcast feeds. I just checked it with Engadget, and sure enough, Apple’s directory is five shows behind, but you can still subscribe to a feed manually if you want to be sure to have the latest cast. Actually, now that I’ve looked, the Engadget entry in iTunes is pointing to their podcast that is hosted on, which is behind, instead of The iTunes directory is up to date.

Also, Apple updated the regular iPods…sort of. The people over at Engadget seem to think that anyone who recently bought an iPod photo will be very sad. Well, I bought an iPod photo “like a week ago” and I’m still very happy. Unless someone points me to some specs I haven’t seen yet it seems like they have basically just transitioned the iPod photo to being just a regular iPod. The new 20 gig is $299 and the 60 gig is $400 and mine was right in between so I don’t think I have any thing to be sad about. Although with the price drop for the 60 gig, maybe some people are sad about that. At any rate, they don’t seem any better than the iPod photos so whatever, I’m still glad I’ve had mine for a few weeks.

Posted by ryan on June 28, 2005