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London wants to be photographed

I know I’ve already posted about how much I loved London, but I’ve been going through my photos (I’m slightly click happy so there are 1600 of them) and now I like it even more. I didn’t even have to try. The one above this post looks painted, to me anyway. I didn’t have to edit it at all exept for an obvious resize.

I really enjoyed photographing the city, although my greatest frustration during my trip was my malfunctioning camera. It seems to have a problem with battery life. When I say problem, I mean it. Sometimes a new set of batteries would not work at all, other times they would last maybe thirty minutes before my camera would quit. I eventually figured out that by taking them in and out and rotating them, I could squeeze out a few pictures at a time, but sometimes even that wouldn’t work though. I still managed to get quite a few though, although I spent more than I’ll admit on batteries.

I liked to think that I was observant of the world around me before I started photographing everything, but the camera makes you pay attention to the most overlooked items. Even my campus is much more interesting than I had previously thought. My friends have started teasing me because of the weird things I take pictures of, but after seeing one of my better ones, they seem really amazed at how the plainest things can be so interesting. I think that’s cool.

Posted by ryan on March 28, 2005

2 Responses to “London wants to be photographed”

  1. Josh says:

    Gorgeous photographs man! I envy your camera and the great shots it took… I remember London being quite a spectacular photo op when I went there 8 years ago.

  2. Ryan says:

    Yes, it was quite the photo op. I just discovered stitching as a technique for making big/panoramic photos and really wish I had taken shots with that in mind. There were many places where I knew I could have gotten a really cool shot but I couldn’t get the whole thing in one frame. I’ll just have to go back now and get some cool panoramic shots. :)