CSS Vault – The Web’s CSS Site

I just discovered this site, CSS Vault - The Web’s CSS Site. As the name implies, it is a great CSS resource, pretty much a one stop shop for CSS info. Being new to CSS and web standards, and being somewhat new to webdesign, it is really great to see what can be done.

Posted by ryan on August 9, 2004

Computer Issues

Ok, the French computer has been deported and my English speaking pc (who had previously been held hostage) has been returned, and all is well in the Inselmann household. So anyway, if you are looking for a cool visual style setup for Windows XP and you don’t speak French, maybe downloading and installing winosx isn’t for you. However, if you do speak French, by all means, install away.

Posted by ryan on August 6, 2004

Smart Husband

So, you all were wondering about the infinite wisdom behind this site. The truth comes out as we realize that Ryan is really quite confused. He actually doesn’t know what language he speaks as he managed to download a program off an obviously FRENCH site, so now our super cool, amazingly fast computer is in French.

Posted by Hope on August 6, 2004

Another One?


Hmmm, it seems this is contagious…or maybe it’s hereditary. Well folks, now you’ve met my wife, Hope. She is very pretty isn’t she? I’m sure she’ll get mad when she see’s this post, but I think it’s a good pic.

Posted by ryan on August 4, 2004