New Discovery Hoax

Ok, so the new discovery was my sister-in-law, Brianne. Really, I knew all along it wasn’t a new species, so please forgive me for the grief I have caused in the scientific community. I would take down the picture, but honestly, you’ve seen the site…I need the content. It’s Friday, so work is boring (not because it’s Friday, I just threw that in for good measure.) Well, at least I have this blog to kill some time with. It would be much cooler if people actually read the thing… well, maybe not. If people actually read my blog I would feel obligated to write something profound, or at least interesting. So I suppose it’s good that no one reads it, so I can write whatever junk I please and just be happy that I have a semi-cool looking site with no content or audience. ..

Posted by ryan on July 30, 2004

New Discovery


Well, we’re not sure what this is, but we found it on our way to North Carolina. It’s kind of interesting, like a cross between a monkey and chimpanzee. I think it’s a new species. I shall call it a monkanzee! I wonder what they eat? Hmmm… so much to learn.

Posted by ryan on July 24, 2004


There really will be more on this site soon… I promise. Checks off on todo list, “inform my only visitor, myself, that there really will be more on this site soon… I promise.”

Posted by ryan on July 21, 2004


I just got back from vacation in North Carolina. We went to Emerald Isle with Hope’s family. I’ll have some pictures up later. That is, as soon as I make a photos section, which I may do today, since I have some pictures.

Anyway, Emerald Isle was fun. We went to the beach most days which is cool until you take a shower afterward and your shower fills up with little pebbles and sand, but I think it was worth it. I’m not sure if playing golf was worth it, but I did play…badly, and will probably play again soon, since I did make the one decent shot that keeps me going back. We saw Spider Man 2 on Thursday, and it was great. I liked it much more than the first movie.

Saturday, the fun was over and it was time to drive back home. The trip is two days so we left pretty early, but we had to go shop at Belk, as we still had wedding money from last year (in the form of Belk gift certificates), and we have no Belks near us. We had already decided to get a blender, which I don’t care too much about, but Hope wants to be able to make margarita’s and has been begging for a blender for a year now, so we got a blender. It was only after we got it that I realized she likes her margarita’s on the rocks. Oh well, I told her she has to make me a milkshake. She agreed, and it looks like this blender thing just might work out. So, the trip was a success and now we are home and amazingly, work is still boring.

Posted by ryan on July 12, 2004