Whoa! The moon is made of cheese!!!

Check it out! (You’ll have to zoom in)

Posted by ryan on July 23, 2005

Editor’s Choice

Apparently, i-gizmo is now PXITE. It seems much faster and the design is better IMHO. Also, one of my photos was selected as the latest Editor’s Choice. I thought that was pretty cool. I took the photo in Austin while driving around downtown, but I’m not sure exactly where, probably somewhere on Guadalupe St.

Posted by ryan on July 11, 2005

Enter pin or press no.

Every once in a while I see something that would horrify most people if they noticed it, but I find it amusing. Today, I noticed the card verification procedure on the gas pump I was using. After swiping my card, I read “Enter pin or press no.” So what did I do? I pressed no of course, because that took one button press and the other option would have taken five. So now I know that if I ever have to steal a credit card, I can at least buy gas and a Frosty at Wendy’s.

Posted by ryan on July 1, 2005