I’m too busy to come up with a good title, so I’m just going to make it long, because even though quality is better than quantity, quantity is better than nothing. Right?

As you can tell, I’ve been really busy lately so I haven’t had a chance to post much. Or maybe you haven’t noticed because you didn’t think I ever posted much. Or maybe you just didn’t care because you didn’t think my thoughts were very interesting. Either way you are probably right. But blogging is obviously not about being interesting, so I post anyway.

What have been doing lately, you ask? If you didn’t ask, just humor me, ok? I’ve been…

  • doing math and computer science homework and projects. Although lately it seems like I signed up for four math classes instead of two of each. I’ve even managed to bore my wife, who is a math teacher, talking about it.
  • Figuring out how I can replace iPhoto with Adobe Bridge because Adobe Bridge doesn’t choke and then pee on itself when I ask it to open alot of files. (Although, I do have to make Adobe Bridge pancakes sometimes.)
  • Coverting my friends to Apple. (Which seems to be increasingly less difficult. Can I even say “increasingly less?” Oh well, I just did.
  • Drooling over the demo videos for Aperture. The only problem is that if I got it, I would have to buy a new computer and a real camera to really make it worth it.

That’s a brief summary. See you next month!

Posted by ryan on October 29, 2005

NFL MVP voting

I’ve been deliberating about my MVP vote for hours now. My problem really comes down to what I think most valuable player really means. Does it means the best player? Does being the best player in the league on a losing team disqualify that player? I mean, his team still would have lost without him, right? This question is fundamental in a man’s MVP voting decision.

After a few hours of soul searching, I have decided that most valuable does indeed assume that a player’s team has been successful because of his play. So, it is with great sadness that I have to look past the best football player in the NFL when I cast my vote. Neil Rackers, I’m sorry. I know LaDanian only has eight touchdowns and you have the equivalent of that plus a safety. I also know that TO has 504 yards and you have 633 yards of three point goodness. Finally, I know that last year’s MVP, Peyton Manning, is averaging 16 fantasy points and you are average 15. Yes, averaging a mere point less that last year’s MVP is an admirable feat, but unfortunately, your team is 1-3 so I can’t vote for you for MVP. Maybe next year.

Posted by ryan on October 3, 2005