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New Discovery Hoax

Ok, so the new discovery was my sister-in-law, Brianne. Really, I knew all along it wasn’t a new species, so please forgive me for the grief I have caused in the scientific community. I would take down the picture, but honestly, you’ve seen the site…I need the content. It’s Friday, so work is boring (not [...]

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New Discovery

Well, we’re not sure what this is, but we found it on our way to North Carolina. It’s kind of interesting, like a cross between a monkey and chimpanzee. I think it’s a new species. I shall call it a monkanzee! I wonder what they eat? Hmmm… so much to learn.

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There really will be more on this site soon… I promise. Checks off on todo list, “inform my only visitor, myself, that there really will be more on this site soon… I promise.”

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I just got back from vacation in North Carolina. We went to Emerald Isle with Hope’s family. I’ll have some pictures up later. That is, as soon as I make a photos section, which I may do today, since I have some pictures. Anyway, Emerald Isle was fun. We went to the beach most days [...]

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