Fantasy Football

I’ve been bitten by the Fantasy Football Bug. Who would’ve thought that watching football could be more exciting that it already is. Whoever thought of Fantasy Football has really helped the teams. Let’s take Philly for example. Why should I care about them or watching their games? They are the enemies of the Cowboys? No, that would give me a reason to hope that they die… all of them, but that does not get me interested in watching them. Is it because I’m interested to see if a team that has had three coulda been seasons in a row finally make it to the Super Bowl. Of course not! About the only interest I have in their Superbowl bid is the effect it has on the Cowboys’ bid. So what could possibly have me rooting for Donovan McNabb and Leon…I mean Terrell Owens every week?! Because MCNABB AND TO ARE GOING TO CARRY ME TO THE FANTASY SUPERBOWL!!! WOOHOO!!! (or woot!!! for nerdy types)

Posted by ryan on October 13, 2004

2 Responses to Fantasy Football

  1. Patrick Gann:

    Fantasy Football is a scary thing to get addicted to. Watch out.

  2. Patrick Gann:

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