Well, I figured it was time for a redesign. I hadn’t done one in like a month and a half and since I obviously don’t spend any time putting content on my site, I had plenty. No really, I have been busy with other stuff. What kind of stuff, you say? Well, I’m glad you asked. I’ve recently designed two other websites. (they will not be redesigned every other month…I don’t think) They are both for my church. One is the church’s main site and the other is for our mission trip to Russia. We will be going to Russia over Spring break to work with a local church in Kirov. You can check out the site for more information.

Posted by ryan on February 11, 2005

4 Responses to Redesign

  1. Bryan Collins:

    This site looks nice. So does the Russia site. The church site looks nice, too. But it is not the nicest of the three. Hm.

  2. Mike and Mom:

    The new site is cool. All 3 of them are, really. We like the new photos too and look forward to seeing the ones you get on your trip to Russia. We visit your site often, so are happy to see the new stuff and happy with what you two are doing. Will talk to you soon! Love, Mike and Mom aka …

  3. Emily Stokes:

    All the websites are cool Ryan! You really do a great job. I love the picture of Hope, you should put it on the Russia site!!!

  4. Caleb:

    Hey Bryan, I live in your old house 🙂 It’s working out well.