Besides…I’m training to be a cage fighter

What was I thinking!? Did I just post about something meaningful with my little php tip? I must remedy this situation. This post is not important or even helpful, but it won’t confuse anyone who is used to reading pointess ramblings when they visit my site.

I recently saw Napoleon Dynamite (ok, I saw it four times) and it’s probably the best movie ever made…if anyone could even know that. There, that was totally pointless. I feel much better now. Now if I could just get someone to bring me my chapstick…

Posted by ryan on February 14, 2005

6 Responses to Besides…I’m training to be a cage fighter

  1. Josh:

    Nice weblog man! I forgot about this URL… as for Napoleon Dynamite I can’t say I’ve seen it, though seeing th epreview made me want to plug my ears and hide my eyes. For some reason I can’t stand the way he talks. It’s so… very… impossible to put into words. Like scratching across the chalkboard of my sanity.

  2. Caleb:

    Hey dude what’s up? How are things in your world? Josh just sent me the link to your site. I love ND as well. The cage fighter scene is my favorite. FYI Midlake is playing Saturday night at Good Records. I can’t make it but just thought you might want to know. Check out my Weblog I also have another site linked to my name on this post. Take care man.

  3. Josh:

    Oh, by the way… I noticed on your photoblog a photo taken obviously while driving. Now, I can’t rebuke you for that foolish and unsafe action because I do it all the time… much to my wife’s extreme dismay. What kinda camera are you using?

  4. Ryan:

    Which one? Who said I take pictures while driving? Actually there was one, but I think we were actually moving in reverse on I-35, so there was no danger. The photos that catch the rearview are actually taken from the passenger seat. Unfortunately, it seems that my photo taking skills are seriously diminished while swerving, so those shots don’t make the cut. I’m using a Kodak CX6330. It’s horrible…I want a new one. Maybe one that has fast enough shutter speeds to capture good shots when it’s not high noon. Although I have had a few happy accidents, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

  5. Caleb:

    Ryan, the only way to get fast shutter speeds is with an SLR, the consumer digitals will always have a long shutter lag and slow maximums shutter speeds as well as a very large maximum aperture. Canon has the 20D which is really nice and is right between a consumer and professional model. I know a lot of professionals use it though.

  6. Ryan Inselmann:

    Well, I’m not even looking for really fast speeds, just maybe like slightly-faster-than-a-turtle-but-maybe-not-as-fast-as-a-slightly-faster-turtle speeds. My camera is beyond slow. The Canon S60 or S70 is what I’m after.