A matter of security

Today was interesting. It seems I was on a construction kick with my photos. I think maybe the photo of the power plant seemed like pretty suspicious behavior to the workers there. There were two workers off in the distance that went inside after I took a couple of shots. Then as I was leaving, this guy started walking toward my car. I didn’t talk to him or anything, I really was leaving, and it’s not like the building is a secret or anything. I don’t know, maybe I’m just fooling myself into thinking my day was much more exciting than it really was.

Posted by ryan on February 16, 2005

3 Responses to A matter of security

  1. Josh:

    I hate it when that happens… “pay not mind to me, I’m just an innocent bystander with a camera. I’m not planning to blow up your power plant… and no I’m not from the competition”.

  2. Caleb:

    I had been thinking of going out there for a night shot (spense station) but then I thought to myself I might get questioned if I do this. It sucks 911 has ruined everything for photographers!! haha

  3. Ryan Inselmann:

    You might get questioned? Well, I’ll tell you from experience that they might be suspicious, but the building is pretty far away from the road and that guy was in no rush, so you’d have plenty of time for a clean get-away.