Hey, this site made the Noteworthy list at CSS Vault! Maybe now I will get more google love. I find it very odd that my site shows up eight or nine down when I search for my own name.

Posted by ryan on February 24, 2005

6 Responses to Noteworthy

  1. Andreas Graulund:

    Lol. Yeah that’s really odd. You’re number 8 on the list or something.

  2. Jonathan Holst:

    A good trick is to use the term (in this example your name) in very important positions. This could be the for instance. Or a .

  3. Elliot Toman:

    It helps if you have important keywords in the title of your main page, and also in the content of the page itself. Search spiders place high priority on actual content placed in meaningful context.

  4. tidaugherty:

    I find it even odder that MY name appears even higher. Hey, I DO read your blog…and like it a lot. You’re site is, well, I can’t help but check it all the time - it is fun to read, what can I say? Congratulations on the CSS Vault recognition. We like your new portfolio section too. And always the latest photos. Hope to talk to you. (:

  5. tidaugherty:

    …soon. How did that little word get left out???

  6. Caleb:

    Dude, congrats. Alas I have never made the list, poor…she will actually be coming down later today. I just don’t have the time to keep up with three sites anymore, nor did I ever.