Double Edged Sword

Hey, I’ve risen to number three when I google my own name! I’m third only to…you guessed it, CSS Vault. It seems that being linked to from a high traffic site has had an interesting effect on my page rank. I suppose I can’t complain though. I have risen above the IUMA page I set up eons ago. And it has brought me more traffic in the last week than I will probably ever get from people searching for my name. So all in all, i feel I have recieved a good amount of google love these last few days. Now if I could only get listed from keywords people are actually searching for. That may be a while since I probably have to post something interesting for that to happen. Oh well, Snapple and I will just have to console each other. Hooray for number three!

Update: To commemorate my higher ranking I have started a new section on my sidebar called “Google Love.” I hope you enjoy it.

Posted by ryan on March 1, 2005