My name is Ryan Inselmann

Apparently a certain search engine that will not be named doesn’t like it when I talk about it. Last night I rejoiced as I found that I was now near the top of the search page when searching for RYAN INSELMANN! Well, the rejoicing is over. I have somehow been bumped off the first page! C’mon unnamed search engine, it should not be this hard to get a decent ranking for my own name. My site is for Pete’s sake. I don’t even know who Pete is but I bet if I searched for his name, I would probably find his site. In fact, if I searched for my name, which is Ryan Inselmann by the way, I would probably find Pete’s site ranked above me. This is ridiculous. I’m thinking of switching all my search duties over to MSN. They have me ranked second. And my old site is first. And just for clarification, when the little line says posted by ryan, it means post by Ryan Inselmann. Geez.

Posted by ryan on March 1, 2005

4 Responses to My name is Ryan Inselmann

  1. Simon:

    How I hate it when unnamed search engine does that. Very funny. Lets hope this works!!

  2. Josh:

    I understand your plight, although I’m sorry to say it is very difficult (if not impossible) to consistantly push your page to the top of the rankings with anything other than massive site traffic. the “unnamed” search engine uses complex functions to determine the order of the organic page listing… and gives no favors to URL’s or sites that refer frequently to the searched term. What is more consistantly considered is the amount of other sites that link to your site with a reference to your search term (example, if I post a link on my site to your site that says “Visit Ryan Inselmann’s Site”… the computer system will see that and give you props in the rankings for that link to your site). You can print your name over and over in your own site with no consistant benfits in the [email protected]@gle - er, unnamed serach engines rankings.

  3. Eric:

    Well, I’m trying to do my part…just added the rss URL of your blog to my rss reader Konfabulator widget 🙂

  4. Ryan:

    There, are you happy now? I should’ve just taken the preview button off. Geez. Who previews their comments?