Ouch, dang that’s good

I don’t know how this photo was taken, but it kicks all of my photos…my photo’s are crying.

Posted by ryan on March 2, 2005

5 Responses to Ouch, dang that’s good

  1. Gabriel Ortega:

    Seems like it’s an UBER wide-angle fisheye lens. Or maybe two of them on top of each other.. like a 10mm with a wide-angle attachment?

  2. PSnow:

    Yo did ya hear about this?

  3. Caleb:

    Ryan, Gabriel may be right on that 10mm, but it may be a nice photoshop trick too. If not it is a really wide angle. Hey how do I get in touch with you. I have a freelance project you may be interested in doing some web site stuff. I can no longer take on projects like this. It is not a lot of work but will make for some extra income for you. Send me an e-mail through my web site.

  4. Caleb:

    P.s. I HATE iScroll. it is to finicky. I get it to respond well. I always end up going back on the browser when I try to scroll and it scrolls to jumpy and fast and will not stay in one spot once you scroll up. What gives? what are the best settings to plug in?

  5. Ryan:

    There is a setting to ignore the weaker axis. That helps a lot with the jumpiness. As for the going back thing, I’m not sure what that is, mine doesn’t do that. There is a new version so maybe it fixes some of your issues. It’s definately not a program that even claims to work great on every one’s machine, but it seems to be working great on mine, though I don’t usually do much side scrolling anyway. I’ve heard the circular scrolling is flakey too, but I don’t use it either and if it’s any consolation, the 2005 powerbooks with the two finger scrolling are apparently somewhat flakey too. I’ll email you about the work.