Pleasing the readers

It seems that my readership has doubled in a very short time, which I am very pleased about. Now my mother and my wife read my little blog. It’s good that my wife has become a regular visitor, for multiple reasons. One is the previously mentioned doubling of my regular traffic. The other reason is that things which would normally annoy her have magically become funny when she reads them on my blog. This is a most unexpected but very desirable result. I think I will experiment to see if a similarly desirable result occurs with requests.

Honey, may I buy a Canon 20D camera for $1500?

There, now I will wait and watch this little website work its magic.

Posted by ryan on April 3, 2005

5 Responses to Pleasing the readers

  1. Hope:

    Yes, many of the little things Ryan likes to talk about are out of my scope of knowledge or interest. Reading the blog allows me to process the ramblings of my husband at my own time and pace. While my husband is clever, I can’t handle his ramblings late in the evening, when he is at his peak of word spewing. Yes, the blog is a good thing.

  2. tidaugherty:

    Does that mean no? heh heh.

  3. Ryan:

    I think that was a no. My website is not powerful enough…yet.

  4. Josh:

    Erica also gets the glossy glazed look when I start spewing forth useless musings on topics such as “why clouds are great to photograph”, “what new feature I’m going to program into my web site”, or the ever popular “reasons I really like that band even though they sound like cats fighting in a tin can”. So, I try not to bore her to much… and I’ve tried all the various approaches to requesting an expensive, and mostly useless, camera purchase… but then she brings reason to the table and my scheming efforts are frustrated. Dang that common sense!

  5. Matthew: