I repeat, I am not a geek…

… but Safari 1.3 is the bomb, and it’s only going to get better in Tiger. I’m sure you are asking yourself, why have I chosen this day to proclaim the awesomeness of a web browser? Two things happened today. I found WebDevAdditions over on Pimp my Safari and Apple released Safari 1.3 in their latest OS X update. The functionality provided by WebDevAdditions is the main reason I still used Firefox when developing, even though it’s slow as butt on the mac. And the only other thing that really annoyed me about Safari was the rendering speed. It might not even have been the speed as much as the way it rendered pages. Even when browsing pages on the same site, with common elements, the entire page would go away before being rerendered leaving me with a blank white page for a short time in between loads. This is akin to black screen you get when you change the channels on tv. Most of the time you don’t notice it or it’s slightly annoying, but at night, when you have all the lights out, it really starts to mess with your eyes. Well, Safari was the same way before now. Most of the time, I was only slightly annoyed, but when I am developing a website, I really need the crisp rendering like Camino gives me. I might be trying to tweek a layout and just want to shift things a little bit and see if I like it or even if it worked. In Camino, I could see the shift when I refreshed but in Safari, there was that wonderful white screen that took away my reference.

Anyway, Safari is now AWESOME and everything is faster than fast!

Posted by ryan on April 16, 2005

5 Responses to I repeat, I am not a geek…

  1. Caleb:

    Ryan, if you are interested I know a guy how wants to get a group in on the family pack of Tiger to save some money. The deal is he lives on the east coast so it would be a lot of mailing the discs around. But let me know if you are interested.

  2. Ryan:

    Too late. I’ve already ordered my copy with my student discount.

  3. Eric:


  4. Joel Brown:

    The fact that you had to write down a disclaimer about not being a geek proves that you are nothing but a geek. Especially geeky was the random sequence of letters that you said was the safari thingy. Obviously my “jockular” mind cannot comprehend the vast complexity of computer programs.

  5. Josh:

    I echo the sentiments of Mr. Brown when I say that “yes, you are in fact a geek Mr. Inselmann”. Especially considering you’ve already purchased Tiger. I’m sorry. Geekdom is now your home.