Gone but not forgotten

I knew this day was coming, but I didn’t know it would be so soon. I was hoping you would hold out a little longer. I know towards the end I did not treat you right, and for that I’m sorry. I know told you I didn’t like you and secretly hoped to replace you, but you were as good as you could be. You would try so hard to please me… until you were exhausted with no energy to keep on trying. Now you are gone. I didn’t want it to end like this. You weren’t the best but you were always there for me. I will miss you…

Ok, now that you are probably getting really worried…my camera died today. 🙁 A moment of silence please…

Posted by ryan on April 21, 2005

2 Responses to Gone but not forgotten

  1. Hope:

    Ahhhw, MAN! I can’t believe it! Now I have to relent and let you buy the new camera, or else I will be the crummiest wife in the world! Perhaps that is a task you can console yourself with while you are home alone this weekend, my dear. We will hold a proper ceremony for the deceased and then I will hand over the credit card for Saturday’s big shopping event.

  2. Ryan:

    Yeah! And for anyone who is worried about our finances (my wife included), no I am not going to get the D20, I just need a point and click. One day I will have a nice SLR but I need something cheaper that I can take with me everywhere first.