Comments welcome

Today I discovered a cool piece of photoblogging software, PixelPost. I was looking for something taylored more towards a photoblog than the ghetto-rigged thing I was running from movable type. You can now leave comments on my photos, so go do that…now. Well…not on the photos of course, but about the photos. I’m going to try to have an actual description or at least a title for each photo from now on. I’ll also have EXIF data if you’re geeky enough to care. The contents definately settled during transit and a few pictures are not there anymore, but the transition was pretty painless.

Posted by ryan on April 26, 2005

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  1. PhillipSnowWhere'sHeGonnaGo?:

    I’m working on a website of my own, could you give me some feedback/suggestions? It’s just now underway and needs lots of construction, so, be gentle 😉