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I’ve joined the widget making madness with this simple widget. It downloads the current Major League Baseball scores and automatically scrolls through them or gives you the option of displaying a single game. You can open multiple copies and set the to different games to track more that one without having to wait for them to come around with the scrolling.. It is basic but that’s kind of the point of widgets. If you want more stats, you can click on any game and it will take you to the game’s page on foxsports.com.

Download Scoreboard 1.2

Posted by ryan on May 8, 2005

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  1. Douglas Head:

    Great concept, but it doesn’t work on my computer. I try to drag it out of the widget tray and nothing happens; I click on its icon in the tray and I get a system beep. Have no idea why. Using Tiger on a PowerMac G4/400Mhz.

  2. tony:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make one of these for college football. you have a few months. PLEASE

  3. Vishal Goklani:

    I like your widget, but I would prefer if you linked the games to ESPN and not Fox Sports. ESPN has a feed for cell phones; presumably you could *steal* the scores from there. You got also make the scoreboards more graphical, and make them look like actual scoreboards (like in Fenway). You can also show who’s pitching, and who the current batters. It would also be cool if we could follow select teams, like the Red Sox (or Yankees).

  4. bob:

    this widget nearly blows my soxs off. thanks so much for making it. it can be a drag waiting through the listings to pause it (esp. if you break concentration for a few seconds and miss your team(s)).

  5. Dustin:

    Nice widget. However, I would like to track just one team, and see more detail of their game in the widget. Maybe a watered down version of ESPN’s Gameday live game tracking? Anyways, thanks for making this available!

  6. Scott Nicholas:

    Great widget, but a lot of people dont care about the entire MLB. It should be able to be set to only show us 2 or 3 teams. Also, it should show those teams ranking, W/L, and games behind.

  7. Gabe Stein:

    Well, I like it a lot! I’ve been looking for one for a while, and yours works, so it gets my vote.

  8. Yanquis Fan:

    awesome work dude, totally making dashboard well worth the upgrade. i would only have 2 feature requests, if it’s too tough, or you don’t wanna bother, i won’t complain, but it would be nice to have choice of font, and a choice of what web site to go to when clicking for a box score, I usually prefer ESPN, or Yahoo, where my fantasy teams are, but either way, this widget rocks the party that rocks the bod-day!

  9. Nate:

    I’d like to see the pause scrolling button (that was in .2) return. It was really great. Keep up the good work!

  10. Administrator:


  11. David DuBois:

    You know, I was just ranting today to my dad how someone needed to create a scoreboard widget for MLB games, and then this appeared. Nice work, though I wish there were more stats. It’s got great potential though!

  12. Lance:

    Good work Ryan. As soon I load Tiger, this was the first and only widget that I’ve cared about. And now I have it. Contrary to opinions above, the simplicity is great.

  13. Mike:

    I too am a big fan of this widget. Thanks much for making it! My only suggestion/request would be the ability to track one or two teams. Gotta keep up on my White Sox!

  14. John Williams:

    Your Apple.com download is not working.

  15. Caleb:

    So far I don’t see much difference in Tiger other the Widgets and Spotlight, but that I LOVE!! It will help me be able to find my photos with great ease now. It searches meta tag data in photos. How awesome is that!!!

  16. Administrator:


  17. Randy:

    Thanks I like it a lot. Would be even better if you could choose the games you wished to track not just one game but any number. That way the games of no interest could be left out of the scrolling and you could see the ones that you wished to see with greater frequency. As Earl Waever said “There are two kinds of baseball fans Yankee fan and Yankee haters. I am in the later category!” I root for my teams and whoever is playing against the Yankees! So It would be nice to be able to pick and choose.

  18. Robert:

    thank you so much! i’ve been asking for this since dashboard was announced.

  19. Jamie:


  20. Caleb:

    wait wait wait, I did not realize you made this yourself dude! How do you make a Widget?

  21. Caleb:

    Dude do you ralize this widget is featured on the Apple web site?

  22. Administrator:

    Dude yes, I realized it was featured. I think that’s why my comments for this post have doubled the total comments for my whole site. I was pretty shocked that is was featured. It’s even the featured download on the main downloads page, not just the widgets area. I was pretty excited. Anyway, there is a link on the apple developer page that tells how to make one. It’s basically a webpage.

  23. Doug:

    To add onto Randy’s comment, instead of selecting games, you should be able to select teams to follow, and another selection for “all AL” or “all NL” would be nice too. Just dropping my 2 cents worth. Awesome Widget!!!!!!

  24. Jenny:

    This widget is great! I love being able to click the Dashboard button and see the scores instead of having to cycle to a webpage.

  25. rsjm:

    This was one of the widgets I’ve been waiting for. Thanks!

  26. Eddy Peters:

    How am I supposed to tell when a particular team is hitting or on pitching? Without this info, the runners on base graphic is useless. Also, ball count should have four bubbles, not three. Same for the strike/out counts; need three, not two bubbles.

  27. Ryan:


  28. Red Sox Fan:

    Fantastic, works great. Great as is, but if you do add features I’d love it if you could pick a division and then every day it displays the games being played by that divisions teams.

  29. Hutch:

    Great widget just one problem. Can you make it that enables you to choose teams, such as the AL East. Can you also make it that when the new games pop up they stick to the previous settings. Other than that, it is great.

  30. Matthew:

    Thanks for this widget. It works great on my new iMac G5. The only suggestion I have is to allow switching to different sports. That would be the best! Thanks again!

  31. swiller:

    How the heck do I install this? and why does know one supply simple instructions! some of are new to dashboard and not computer geeks. make it simple for us please!

  32. Zach:

    Swiller, it couldn’t be any easier. If you are in Safari just hit the download link.

  33. Benito67:

    Thanks for developing this.

  34. Erik:

    I love the new team tracking option. Keep up the good work. Might be nice to also be able to track the division standings (and later in the season - the magic number) for your team. That might be a separate widget, though.

  35. chelseaclinton:

    Thanks. I now have three months to figure out how to modify this widget to display scores of English Premier League matches.

  36. Joel:

    Just wanted to say thanks a million for a really nice widget. (Feeling any love for us college baseball fiends, too?)

  37. Red Sox Fan:

    Team option is great, makes it easy to create your own divisional scoreboard, and its not bogged down with toronto or tampa scores

  38. uurf:

    nice widget. btw, Pittsburgh PA is spelled with an “h” (unlike Pittsburg CA).

  39. uurf:

    well, that was easy enough to fix.

  40. Ryan:


  41. Benjamin Hagan:

    how did you find the foxsports xml feed of game data? are there other team specific feeds from foxsports that go into a little more detail, maybe showing past results and upcoming games, or maybe news headlines. i am interested in developing a more detailed single team widget where a couple team news headlines are shown, a game tracker field like yours will be shown, and a 7 day calendar with that day’s game and the three previous results and three upcoming games are listed. any help identifying feeds to tap into would be a great help.

  42. Dan:


  43. buck:

    Is this working for anyone else behind a proxy?

  44. Ryan:


  45. David Yeh:

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but it seems that settings are not saved and do not survive a logout or restart. I have three duplicate widgets set up, one each to track a different team, and yet everytime I logout and back in, it is reset to default settings and I have to recustomize, which ruins what is otherwise a fantastic widget! And I agree, similar widgets for other sports should follow…

  46. William:

    Awesome widget. I’m going to repeat a lot of other comments here, but, yeah, I’d like to just track one team. Awesome job, though! Regardless… I love this widget.

  47. Ryan:


  48. Dave:

    I love this widget, but why doesn’t it keep prefs between logins? It defaults to the “scroll all” behavior.

  49. josh o:

    Great idea, thanks. I assume this just checks with a website for it’s data…I wonder if there’s a way to specialize it for Japanese teams. If so, you’ll have have lots of happy people over here! Thanks!

  50. Buck:

    Just to follow up in case anyone else has proxy probs, although I’m not certain why the proxy issues are solved, I managed to get Scoreboard working when I switched from an Automatic Proxy Detection to a Web Proxy HTTP server explicitly.

  51. Nate:

    I would love to see the abiltiy to track more than one team. I have one I like where I live, and one where I don’t.

  52. mr. blackandwhite:

    Awesome job. Just wanted to say thank you for your efforts. I really like what you have done. Use it every day. Thanks again.

  53. Eric H.:

    Widget works well (1.2 version) on my tiBook.

  54. Ryan:


  55. Brian:

    Love the widget!!

  56. David:

    Version 1.2 now saves prefs, and makes the team at bat clearer. Excellent improvements!

  57. Zach:

    Way to make it on Forbes.com Ryan!

  58. jonathan:

    Please for college football and for the NFl. Its a great widget. thanks.

  59. bruce:

    This is a very cool widget, thanks!!

  60. Ryan:


  61. bruce:


  62. Ravi:

    (originally posted by accident to “Schoooools out for summer!” widget section)

  63. bruce:


  64. Bob Franklin:

    Excellent stuff. Could you add an option to display the scores (only) in other games, underneath the details of the selected game/team? I’m interested in the details of the Red Sox games but only how much the Yankees are losing by!

  65. Dan:

    Wow. Great job. The only thing that could make it better is adding support for different sports and adding details like the person at bat and the pitcher.

  66. Zach:

    Ryan, this widget is great… It would be really cool if, like Bob said, you could see other scores real small, or like Dan says, showing more details. One way to implement Dan’s idea would be, real small, show something like B: (batter’s jersey number) P: (pitcher’s number) or whatever else you think is cool!

  67. Ryan:

    I have put pretty much all of the info from the xml file I use in the widget. The other information that everyone is requesting just isn’t there. I could use a different feed, but I could not find one that has more info and doesn’t do weird things like say a game is in the bottom of the sixth on minute and then say it’s in the middle of the fifth the next time the file is downloaded.

  68. Jon:

    Although I do love this widget, it would also be really cool to be able to view all the games in a division (instead of 1 team or everyone). For example I only really care about the orioles, yankees, redsox, bluejays, and devil rays. It would be nice to not have to open a widget for each.

  69. Padres Fan:

    Hi Ryan!

  70. Mel Gross:

    Ryan, this has been pretty good so far in 10.4 - 10.4.1, but has display problems in 10.4.2.

  71. Hutch:

    Does not work in 10.4.2. Please fix, I loved your widget

  72. PopeSammyJoe:

    On my Powerbook if I have turned OFF my Airport card, and then inadvertently hit the Dashboard HotKey (F12 for me), Scoreboard pegs my CPU all the way. I have to 1) remove all of them from my active Widgets, 2) force kill the Dashboard Client processes.

  73. M:

    Definitely one of the best widgets made yet… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do this for the NFL. 😀

  74. Rob Lewis:

    Hi. Scoreboard is great but on my system the text starts scrolling up from below the green background. It just appears, floating in space, about an inch below the window and scrolls on up into it.

  75. ed:

    This is a great widget, but I also wanted to use it for other sports so I used it as a learning example for my own scores widget. I had created a widget to show scores, but couldn’t figure out the autoscroll function so I learned from yours. I should have it out soon under the name “Sports.” Thanks for making such a great widget! I can’t believe there aren’t more of these out there.

  76. bradsorensen:

    Good evening any ideas how to or can you port or convert your widget to windows please.

  77. Joe:

    Version 1.3: When I select a single team, the widget keeps scrolling just that team’s scores instead of sitting still like in previous versions.

  78. Ben:

    I’m getting the same bug as Joe. Not sure which version introduced the bug - I think it was in 1.2 was well.