Schoooools out for summer!

I don’t know what to do with my self now that I don’t have any assignments due or tests to study for. I’m going to try to finish writing my content management system I’ve been working on and hopefully find a few people willing to pay me for my webdesigning/programming skills. In fact, if you are one of those people, drop me a line on the contact page. I also plan on not do anything more often this summer. I really miss doing that. On a side note, Josh has redesigned his site and it’s pretty sweet. I may have to redo mine now.

Posted by ryan on May 17, 2005

11 Responses to Schoooools out for summer!

  1. Hope:

    No fair! School’s still in for your wifey! Stop bragging and get her a glass of water so she can think straight to write her exams for the high school darlings. With all that time, you should be able to wait on her hand and foot. How about a back rub or something. Come on…she’s waiting.

  2. Josh:

    She’s got a point there, Ryan. My wife’s carrying our son during the intense heat of summer so I’ve got no excuse for sittin’ around either. As for my site, it’s still being perfected. That image problem you noted will be addressed as I’m cleaning and tightening up the code for my site. You da man!

  3. Ryan:

    I would just like to clear up some confusion. The wifey has failed to mention that her last day of work for two months is next week, which she has not been ashamed about telling me.

  4. Hope:

    And the wifey will still be working over the summer!

  5. Gabe Stein:

    A new CMS, eh? Will it be released to the public…or is it your thing?

  6. Ryan:


  7. Jason.:

    Hi there,

  8. Josh:

    I agree. Make the leading team bold!

  9. Ryan:

    Josh, you don’t even have Tiger. I think you are just trying to stir up trouble. 🙂

  10. Nitz:

    Hey Ryan, I really like your Dashboard Widget, and I think I’ll stick around here 😉

  11. Ravi: