Are you working hard? Because I’m hardly working.

Lame, I know, but I am very happy to be working part time for the rest of the summer. I know my job consists mainly of surfing the internet doing homework, but I still have to be here and so it’s nice to go home early and not have any classes to take care of. I had a “real” job for a few years while I saved up to go back to school, so I know my student position is way better than that, but I can still be happy about have some extra free time, right? At any rate, I really am working hard on some stuff, it just happens to be geeky computer stuff that I happen to enjoy.

On a side note, Hope will be gone for three weeks visiting her sister, who is having a baby in August, so I will be “baching it” while she’s gone. Oooh, what shall I do? I’m trying to think. I’ll probably play some golf and… well… ok, I pretty much have the most awesome wife ever. Other than probably hanging out with some friends more often, just to pass the time, I can’t think of anything that I miss out on because of our marriage. I remember a coworker talking about how his mom lets his dad out of the house to play raquetball once a week, and I thought “she has to LET him out to play raquetball?” Crappy husbands are out having affairs and this lady has to LET her husband out of the house to excercise? Crazy. Granted, I was never the partying type so I didn’t do crazy things before we were married that I can’t do now, but still, she knows that there is value not doing everything together. I think it comes down to trust. She knows that the worst thing I’ll be doing is staying up late playing video games, and maybe eating too much Chick-Fil-A, and I don’t break that trust.

Anyway, this post is getting way too serious, so I think I will go try to find out if our mascot has large talons…

On another side note, I just went to the apple website an my scoreboard widget has made the front page! I know it’s silly and actually it’s been there before, down at the bottom in the most popular widgets section, but that was small and now the most popular widgets section is BIG and right in the middle of the page. I obviously need to get out more.

Update: On yet another side note, Steve Jobs showed my widget during his keynote at WWDC today! It was just a short mention while he was showing off Dashboard, but I still thought it was kinda cool. I’ve actually had some work related inquiries because of the widget, which was totally unexpected, and hopefully some of them will pan out.

Posted by ryan on June 6, 2005

7 Responses to Are you working hard? Because I’m hardly working.

  1. Gabe Stein:

    Saw your widget today on the keynote! Congrats! I use it all the time to check my pitiful Rockies.

  2. Josh:

    Ryan has hit prime time! Do you know where I can see the keynote streaming or anything? I read the “play-by-play” (I’m such a loser) but I hadn’t seen any video from it.

  3. Ryan:


  4. tidaugherty:

    I’ve always learned good things from you. This was a great read. Also, I just listened to the Keynote - Wow! That is so cool. I’m so proud of you.

  5. Hope:

    What can I say?

  6. Eric:

    You really should be careful about what you write in these posts. Somehow this article bumped you up to the second highest rated page in google when searching for ‘crappy husbands’. There must be a little gnome at google skewing your pages keywords toward the obscure words rather than the meat of the subject matter…then again maybe google knows something about you that I don’t 😉

  7. Jean:

    LOVE your scoreboard widget! I only have one suggestion to improve it - would it be possible to change the scrolling options to include either American League only / National League only / Interleague games only? Just an idea - I hate waiting for all the National league scores to scroll by (that I couldn’t care less about most of the time) to see how my Orioles are doing, and keep an eye on those sneaky Red Sox too. Thanks, and congratulations on a job well done.