Mixed bag

Am I the only one who finds it funny that this site is listed first for the google search “raps about pizza”? I hope not. Go ahead, see for your self using my handy dandy Google Love section in the sidebar. Update: I feel that I left out an important piece of info about this google search. I did not make this up. Someone actually found my site using this as their search term. There. Is it funny now?

I was pleasantly suprised to see that there is a very large picture of my widget on Apple’s main page. Maybe I should play around with Javascript more often.

Hmmm, I named this post “Mixed bag” and now I’ve only said two things. Well this is certainly a problem. Ok, now I’ve said three things…I feel better.

Posted by ryan on June 9, 2005

6 Responses to Mixed bag

  1. Gabe Stein:

    Jesus Christ! (Pardon the expression). I mean, I open up apple’s main page and there you are. I think Steve must really have a thing for your little widget. I’m glad I found it first though, before it was even listed on the Apple page. I had to search google for it.

  2. tidaugherty:

    Why lookee there. That is sooooo cool. Congratulations! I like Apple.

  3. Josh:

    two things, and one semi-thing making up a mixed bag of things? Hmm… dubious at best. MORE THINGS!!!

  4. Ryan:

    I’m sorry Josh, I know it’s dubious, but I really thought I had more to say. When I realized I didn’t, I couldn’t go back and change the title. I mean c’mon, I already typed it. It had a nice ring to it, I didn’t know what to do. I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I promise I’ll have more stuff next time I name a post something with the title “Mixed bag”

  5. inselmann too:

    I actually found your blog since you’re listed first for inselmann which is my last name

  6. Caleb:

    The sucky part is you made no money off of it. They are banking off YOUR work. That just suckk IMO.