I Have Arrived!

Ok, if it starts happening regularly I will probably be extremely annoyed. Maybe I’ll even throw a temper tantrum or something, but for now it is amusing. I just had to delete my very first spam comment. I feel like I’m a real blogger now.

Also, Scoreboard hit 100,000 downloads yesterday.

Posted by ryan on June 16, 2005

3 Responses to I Have Arrived!

  1. P to the Snizzo aka phillip snow:

    Hey, thanks for lunch, and congrats on the scoreboard, you might just go platinum.

  2. Josh:

    Umm… congrats, I guess. I would wish you luck and many more spammers but that just seems wrong. Someday you’ll be cursing this day.

  3. WAM:

    Scoreboard is COOL! Thanks Ryan…