I’ve gotta search hard for your clues…

Unfortunately, I will not be able to steal File Me Away now that Josh’s site has become well known. Dangit! Freakin Idiot!

With that said, I am proposing a game to Josh. Before I say what the game is, I’ll give my reasons for coming up with the game.

  1. To amuse myself
  2. To encourage myself to really pay attention to great music again
  3. To attempt to generate contrived but interesting content to the unsuspecting visitor
  4. To find an excuse for an ordered list on my site
  5. Most importantly, to mooch off the new found success of the aforementioned Josh

Well, now that we’ve established that I have way too much time on my hands, here is the game. We already like to use song lyrics as titles for our posts so the rules of the game are simple. I a post is written with part of a lyric as a title, the other person has a specified amount of time, maybe like a week, to post a comment that finishes (or starts) the lyric. If you can use the lyric in a sentence that would be extra cool (or geeky, i’m not sure, I’ll have to consult Hope.) I will of course be keeping track of the results so I can try to get a free meal out of the deal should I win.

Posted by ryan on June 20, 2005

9 Responses to I’ve gotta search hard for your clues…

  1. Josh:

    Will there be money involved? Hmmm… how will the winner be determined? Finally, I think I have a bit of a disadvantage as my knowledge of good music has decreased significantly since college. Having said that… I like the idea. It’s unique. Even though my odds of suffering a terrible loss are very high.

  2. Josh:

    By the way, let me warn you… my success is fleating. Once my new found community of readers realizes my writing is sub-par at best and I only have something interesting to say about 4 times a year they will slowly disappear and return to those pages which are actually worth a daily visit. Sadly.. oh, and can we have some sort of clue involved in this game somehow?

  3. Ryan:

    No money, but if I win, I’ll let you buy me a meal. Of course I will be determining who has won. The round will be over when I get hungry and feel that I can defend the position that I have won. Hmmm… It seems that you are at quite a disadvantage. I’ll have to talk to my people to see about giving you a fighting chance. Ooops, I seemed to have named this post wrong. It’s corrected now.

  4. Josh:

    Well, this whole idea is full of flaws… instead I want to repair your desire [for gaining rapid site popularity] and call it a gift. I mean, what more could I offer… I’m not too quick with music lyrics.

  5. Caleb:

    My new site is finished dude!! Check it out!!

  6. Hope:

    Sorry I’m late on this. I’ve been traveling by car across four or five states in the last week and internet access has been rare.

  7. Josh:

    So, did it get this one right yet?

  8. Ryan:


  9. Josh:

    Alright… my title/song lyric will be coming soon.