There is a new version of Scoreboard. The only change is I fixed the bug causing the score to scroll even when only one team is selected.

Posted by ryan on April 5, 2006

6 Responses to Scoreboard

  1. eric:

    wow, a new post!

  2. urmom:

    Yes, this is too exciting! Finally get to see a new year on the posting date. yippeeyayaykayay! (:

  3. Mike:

    Thank you for the update, the scroll was bugging me out and I never had the problem with the older version.

  4. Raj:

    Thanks for the update!! Interesting how it went from version 1.3 to version 1.2. I really don’t care…the fixed scrolling is magnificent!! Thanks for the update!!

  5. Vishal Goklani:

    thanks for the update!! not to be greedy 😛 but it would be cool if you could also show who the scheduled pitchers are!

  6. Ernie:

    Best widget ever. Thank you!