Holy Crap I’m Freaking Graduated!!! / Will work for money

I meant to write this post the day after I graduated but I was just so busy doing nothing. That’s right. Nothing. I hadn’t done that for a while. I went on a cruise with my family, played some video games and mostly just wasted time. It was nice. I’m sure those of you who are still left are wondering what else I’ve been up to. Thanks Mom. Actually, I’m fairly certain even my mom has stopped checking this site. Well, I’ve been busy not being graduated. I’ve been taking classes, programming and generally learning computery things that I don’t want to talk about with anyone because I want them to think I am interesting. Actually, that’s not true. I will talk about computery things to anyone who will listen and most people who won’t, yet I still want them to think I’m interesting. Apparently they don’t teach common sense in school. I’m a little sad that I can no longer use Lebron’s excuse of “I’m sorry, I never finished college” when I do or say something stupid. I’ll have to come up with something better. Maybe “I’m sorry, I’m pregnant.” Too much?

Posted by ryan on January 18, 2008

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