The natives are getting restless

It has been brought to my attention this blog is not being updated regularly. Some readers have expressed concern that my once thought provoking blog has become stagnant…that my in depth analysis of subjects such as Google’s quirkiness, my computer’s desire to become more culturally aware and cool new advertising tactics have been replaced by the occasional link to something linked to by a million other blogs.

To those people I say, you have been reading my blog, right? I know that my readers crave my earth shatteringly profound commentaries on how inept I am at writing (or thinking for that matter), but sometimes it takes awhile for an idea to gel. I don’t want to post just anything here. If I write too often or if I am too interesting, then I will begin to gain new readers. If I gain new readers I will have pressure to write more often and be more interesting and funnier. No, I prefer to provide my readers with what they have come to expect. Nothing. That way, they are happy. I don’t have to come up with thoughts very often, and the world is generally a better place.

Now, if you really want to see something that get’s updated more often. I do regularly update my photos. I like to think they actually are somewhat original. Uhh…It seems I don’t know how to end posts very well, so…it’s been real, yo.

Posted by ryan on August 1, 2005