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Hey, this site made the Noteworthy list at CSS Vault! Maybe now I will get more google love. I find it very odd that my site shows up eight or nine down when I search for my own name.

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My powerbook is now even more awesome

You can make yours awesome in just three easy steps. Download iScroll2. Install. Enjoy.

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Whadaya know, there’s a portfolio! I’m not sure how that got there…it wasn’t there yesterday. As you can see I haven’t done much yet, but I hope to remedy that, hence the portfolio. Check it out!

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A matter of security

Today was interesting. It seems I was on a construction kick with my photos. I think maybe the photo of the power plant seemed like pretty suspicious behavior to the workers there. There were two workers off in the distance that went inside after I took a couple of shots. Then as I was leaving, […]

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Besides…I’m training to be a cage fighter

What was I thinking!? Did I just post about something meaningful with my little php tip? I must remedy this situation. This post is not important or even helpful, but it won’t confuse anyone who is used to reading pointess ramblings when they visit my site. I recently saw Napoleon Dynamite (ok, I saw it […]

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Random Images

One way designers add variety to a website is to have a random image appear in the header of the page. A great way to implement this is using the mt_rand() function in php. This function takes two arguments (1 and 5 in the example below) and returns a random integer in the range specified […]

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Well, I figured it was time for a redesign. I hadn’t done one in like a month and a half and since I obviously don’t spend any time putting content on my site, I had plenty. No really, I have been busy with other stuff. What kind of stuff, you say? Well, I’m glad you […]

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