Editor’s Choice

Apparently, i-gizmo is now PXITE. It seems much faster and the design is better IMHO. Also, one of my photos was selected as the latest Editor’s Choice. I thought that was pretty cool. I took the photo in Austin while driving around downtown, but I’m not sure exactly where, probably somewhere on Guadalupe St.

Posted by ryan on July 11, 2005

Enter pin or press no.

Every once in a while I see something that would horrify most people if they noticed it, but I find it amusing. Today, I noticed the card verification procedure on the gas pump I was using. After swiping my card, I read “Enter pin or press no.” So what did I do? I pressed no of course, because that took one button press and the other option would have taken five. So now I know that if I ever have to steal a credit card, I can at least buy gas and a Frosty at Wendy’s.

Posted by ryan on July 1, 2005

WP + Tiger = More Happy Fun Time

Holy crap! Steve Smith over at Ordered List is awesome! He created an admin plugin for WordPress that makes wordpress look like Tiger. Pretty much the only thing I didn’t like about WordPress is that the admin area was bland, but that idea is now toast. Ooooooh, so pretty.

Posted by ryan on June 28, 2005

iTunes + iPod = Happy Fun Time

iTunes 4.9 came out today and has podcasting support which is really cool. Some people are saying it’s disappointing because some of podcasts are a few shows behind in the directory. This is not a problem, you don’t have to use the directory. The advanced menu has an option “Subscribe to Podcast…” where you can manually enter a url for your favorite podcast feeds. I just checked it with Engadget, and sure enough, Apple’s directory is five shows behind, but you can still subscribe to a feed manually if you want to be sure to have the latest cast. Actually, now that I’ve looked, the Engadget entry in iTunes is pointing to their podcast that is hosted on weblogsinc.com, which is behind, instead of engadget.com. The iTunes directory is up to date.

Also, Apple updated the regular iPods…sort of. The people over at Engadget seem to think that anyone who recently bought an iPod photo will be very sad. Well, I bought an iPod photo “like a week ago” and I’m still very happy. Unless someone points me to some specs I haven’t seen yet it seems like they have basically just transitioned the iPod photo to being just a regular iPod. The new 20 gig is $299 and the 60 gig is $400 and mine was right in between so I don’t think I have any thing to be sad about. Although with the price drop for the 60 gig, maybe some people are sad about that. At any rate, they don’t seem any better than the iPod photos so whatever, I’m still glad I’ve had mine for a few weeks.

Posted by ryan on June 28, 2005


My Japanese Site

It’s good to know that all the english speakers coming to my site can now read my blog.

Posted by ryan on June 25, 2005

We are the champions!

In case anyone hasn’t heard, the most awesome San Antonio Spurs have won another NBA championship. This was was more difficult than the other two, but in the end Detroit could not handle Duncan or GINOBILI!!! By the way, Al Michaels needs to be fired and replaced by Charles Barkley. Actually, Duncan is my favorite player, but GINOBILI!!! is so exciting to watch (and yes, I have decided that GINOBILI!!! should change his name to be all caps and include three exclamation points.) After three championships in seven years, to say that the Spurs are young and improving should make all the other teams sick. It should also be noted that the only team to knock the Spurs out of the playoffs in the last seven years is the Lakers, but the Lakers are gone now and I don’t think the Los Angeles Kobes will be knocking many people out of the playoffs…except maybe as a spoiler team with no chance of actually making the playoffs themselves. Congratulations to the Spurs!

Posted by ryan on June 24, 2005

I’ve gotta search hard for your clues…

Unfortunately, I will not be able to steal File Me Away now that Josh’s site has become well known. Dangit! Freakin Idiot!

With that said, I am proposing a game to Josh. Before I say what the game is, I’ll give my reasons for coming up with the game.

  1. To amuse myself
  2. To encourage myself to really pay attention to great music again
  3. To attempt to generate contrived but interesting content to the unsuspecting visitor
  4. To find an excuse for an ordered list on my site
  5. Most importantly, to mooch off the new found success of the aforementioned Josh

Well, now that we’ve established that I have way too much time on my hands, here is the game. We already like to use song lyrics as titles for our posts so the rules of the game are simple. I a post is written with part of a lyric as a title, the other person has a specified amount of time, maybe like a week, to post a comment that finishes (or starts) the lyric. If you can use the lyric in a sentence that would be extra cool (or geeky, i’m not sure, I’ll have to consult Hope.) I will of course be keeping track of the results so I can try to get a free meal out of the deal should I win.

Posted by ryan on June 20, 2005

I Have Arrived!

Ok, if it starts happening regularly I will probably be extremely annoyed. Maybe I’ll even throw a temper tantrum or something, but for now it is amusing. I just had to delete my very first spam comment. I feel like I’m a real blogger now.

Also, Scoreboard hit 100,000 downloads yesterday.

Posted by ryan on June 16, 2005

Mixed bag

Am I the only one who finds it funny that this site is listed first for the google search “raps about pizza”? I hope not. Go ahead, see for your self using my handy dandy Google Love section in the sidebar. Update: I feel that I left out an important piece of info about this google search. I did not make this up. Someone actually found my site using this as their search term. There. Is it funny now?

I was pleasantly suprised to see that there is a very large picture of my widget on Apple’s main page. Maybe I should play around with Javascript more often.

Hmmm, I named this post “Mixed bag” and now I’ve only said two things. Well this is certainly a problem. Ok, now I’ve said three things…I feel better.

Posted by ryan on June 9, 2005

Are you working hard? Because I’m hardly working.

Lame, I know, but I am very happy to be working part time for the rest of the summer. I know my job consists mainly of surfing the internet doing homework, but I still have to be here and so it’s nice to go home early and not have any classes to take care of. I had a “real” job for a few years while I saved up to go back to school, so I know my student position is way better than that, but I can still be happy about have some extra free time, right? At any rate, I really am working hard on some stuff, it just happens to be geeky computer stuff that I happen to enjoy.

On a side note, Hope will be gone for three weeks visiting her sister, who is having a baby in August, so I will be “baching it” while she’s gone. Oooh, what shall I do? I’m trying to think. I’ll probably play some golf and… well… ok, I pretty much have the most awesome wife ever. Other than probably hanging out with some friends more often, just to pass the time, I can’t think of anything that I miss out on because of our marriage. I remember a coworker talking about how his mom lets his dad out of the house to play raquetball once a week, and I thought “she has to LET him out to play raquetball?” Crappy husbands are out having affairs and this lady has to LET her husband out of the house to excercise? Crazy. Granted, I was never the partying type so I didn’t do crazy things before we were married that I can’t do now, but still, she knows that there is value not doing everything together. I think it comes down to trust. She knows that the worst thing I’ll be doing is staying up late playing video games, and maybe eating too much Chick-Fil-A, and I don’t break that trust.

Anyway, this post is getting way too serious, so I think I will go try to find out if our mascot has large talons…

On another side note, I just went to the apple website an my scoreboard widget has made the front page! I know it’s silly and actually it’s been there before, down at the bottom in the most popular widgets section, but that was small and now the most popular widgets section is BIG and right in the middle of the page. I obviously need to get out more.

Update: On yet another side note, Steve Jobs showed my widget during his keynote at WWDC today! It was just a short mention while he was showing off Dashboard, but I still thought it was kinda cool. I’ve actually had some work related inquiries because of the widget, which was totally unexpected, and hopefully some of them will pan out.

Posted by ryan on June 6, 2005